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Among The Columns Of Thor <br> by William Phillips
Among The Columns Of Thor <br> by William Phillips

Among The Columns Of Thor
by William Phillips


Among the Columns of Thor has a double meaning to it. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and war. These B-24 bombers from the 409th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group, are in column formation, literally flying among Thor's cloud columns as they return from their targets deep in Germany. They are escorted by P-51 fighters of the 361st Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Group.

The paint scheme on the engine cowling of Jersey Jerk, Donald Strait's plane, was designed by Freddie Schlack, another young pilot in the squadron. That pattern became the official scheme for the entire fighter group. Squadrons within the group would use different colored rudders to identify themselves.

The deep, ominous colors at the right of the image represent war, whereas the left side is painted with lighter colors, signifying peace. The silver color scheme of the planes can also represent Allied superiority and the coming end of the war. Naturally, the aircraft are flying from the darkness into the light.

The Signatures

Every print has been signed by the Artist in addition to:

Maj. Edwin C. BAKER - B-24 pilot

  • Clinton DeWitt BURDICK - P-51 ace
  • Col. K.O. "Kenneth O'Reilly" DESSERT - B-24 Ops Officer
  • Maj. Gen. Donald J. STRAIT - Leading P-51 ace of the 356th FG











SIZE (Ex Frame)

33" x 24"


Certificate of Authenticity

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