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Escort Fury
by Robert Bailey
April 10th 1945. Oberleutnant Walter Schuck of JG-7 (206 victories) boldly attacked a B-17 formation southeast of Berlin and was in turn shot down by fighter escort pilot Lieutenant Joseph A. Peterburs of the 20th Fighter Group's 55th Fighter Squadron...
Angels From Above
by Matt Hall
September 17, 1944 . . . In sun-swept skies, the C-47s of 9th Troop Carrier Command deliver their fighting cargo, the paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions above Holland’s soft drop zones. Deemed “Operation Market Garden,” the finest...
Fortress Alone
by Jay Ashurst
Among the thousands of American aviators who launched from England on February 20, 1944, the first day of historic "Big Week," was William Lawley. Lawley was a quiet southerner from Leeds, Alabama. Flying a newly painted B-17 as a member...
by Michael Turner
The longest single campaign of the air war was that fought at night between Bomber Command and the Nachtjagd. Flown in totally different conditions to daylight operations, both sides possessed men of skill and courage.NJG1 was the premier German Nightfighter...
Malta George Cross
by Robert Taylor
Pilot Officer John Bisley of 126 Squadron in combat with Me 109s from JG-53 during one of the intense aerial air battles over Valetta in April 1942. Between the summer of 1940 and the end of 1942, Malta became one...
D Day The Airborne Assault
by Robert Taylor
This superb three print set which includes the companion prints INTO BATTLE and CRASH LANDING, was issued in June 1994 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of D-Day and was hailed by veterans as one of the most realistic portrayals of...
Desert Sharks
by Robert Taylor
With his outstanding and world-renowned talent for pencil drawing, Robert captures precisely the arid heat, dust and smoke of desert warfare, conveying an air of impending conflict. With each print signed by Squadron Leader Neville Duke, 112 fighter Ace and...
D Day Armada
by Nicolas Trudgian
As the sun begins to sink on the late afternoon of D-Day Plus 1, a mighty Allied aerial armada heads inland over the Normandy invasion beaches, 7th June 1944. In the company of P51s of the 354th Fighter Group, B26...
Combat Over The Reich
by Robert Taylor
Approaching their target at the oil refinery at Zwickau, 60 miles south west of Dresden, the 452nd Bomb Group's B-17 Fortresses were bounced by 28 Me262 jets from JG 7. Screaming in from the six o/clock position, the jet pilots...
Hostile Sky
The second Limited Edition in Robert Taylor's Protagonists Series, featuring P-38 Lightnings in combat with Fw190s high over Belgium, 1944. A B-24 has been hit and is losing touch with the main bomber formation, as Luftwaffe pilots concentrated their attentions...
Fight For The Sky
by Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor's wonderfully realistic painting captures the very essence of that epic battle. A Heinkel III has been brought down, one of many never to make it home on this bright and sunny day. As the Luftwaffe bomber's crew emerge...
Typhoon Scramble
by Richard Taylor
Led by Squadron Commander Roland “Bee” Beamont, Typhoons of 609 Squadron are dramatically illustrated as they scramble from their base at Manston in April 1943, the brute force and raw aggression of this tough warbird leaving nothing to the imagination....
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