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by Robert Taylor
With the traditional battle cry Horrido! ringing in their ears, Squadron Commander Hptm Wolfgang Ewald leads pilots of I./JG52 into combat. Based at Coquelles/Calais in September 1940, the JG-52 Me109s hurtle down in a high-speed dive to engage the enemy...
Fight For The Sky
by Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor's wonderfully realistic painting captures the very essence of that epic battle. A Heinkel III has been brought down, one of many never to make it home on this bright and sunny day. As the Luftwaffe bomber's crew emerge...
Height Of The Battle
by Robert Taylor
By mid-afternoon on Wednesday 11th September, 1940 German bomber formations were plotted flying up the Thames Estuary towards London. To deal with the imminent raid Fighter Command scrambled nine squadrons to make the intercept. As the Luftwaffe bombers approached the...
Combat Over New Guinea
by Nicolas Trudgian
Australian Ace Dick Cresswell tangles with a Japanese Zero in the humid air of the tropics over New Guinea during an encounter in 1942. Flying a P-40E Kittyhawk with the insignia of 77 Squadron, RAAF blazoned on his aircraft, Cresswell...
The Battle Of The Coral Sea
by Robert Taylor
Commemorating the Battle of the Coral Sea, Robert Taylor has chosen to portray the sinking of the Shoho in this dramatic painting.  When Commander Weldon Hamilton, leading one of the Lexington's Dauntless squadrons, spotted the Shoho at 1040 on the...
Hurricane Force
by Robert Taylor
Hurricanes of No.257 Squadron attack a large force of Heinkel 111 and Dornier 17 bombers at 12,000 feet over London on 15th September 1940, during the climax of the Battle of Britain. Released as a three print series to commemorate...
Midway Strike Against The Akagi
by Robert Taylor
We think this is one of the finest action portrayals of an SBD Dauntless dive-bomber ever published; with perforated dive flaps fully extended, you can almost feel the redoubtable Dauntless shuddering as it hurtles down almost vertically upon the already...
Dambusters – The Impossible Mission
by Robert Taylor
“Dinghy” Young releases his hydrostatically-triggered, cylindrical bouncing bomb at precisely 60ft and 230mph as he approaches the Mőhne Dam. It was a direct hit. The dam has but moments to live. Robert Taylor has once again chosen to depict one...
Their Finest Hour
by Nicolas Trudgian
As evening shadows lengthen, MkI Spitfires of No.610 Squadron make their third scramble of the day out of Hawkinge airfield, in the South of England. They will intercept another large Luftwaffe raid targeted on RAF airfields, during the Battle of...
America Strikes Back
by Robert Taylor
The very first air combat fought by American pilots following the surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor. In less than one hour America struck back in a war that was to end in total victory. As the assault mounted on the...
The Struggle Begins
by Roy Grinnell
On July 19, 1940, only three days after Hitler issued directive No.16, his preparation for the invasion of the British Isles, Stukas raided Dover Harbour, and Hurricanes of 32 Squadron based at Hawkinge were scrambled to intercept. Flying through the...
Black Sheep at Munda
by Jim Laurier
On Sept 7, 1943,VMF-214 officially began it's first combat tour at Munda, on the island of New Georgia (shown above). Munda was an inhospitable place- hot, humid, barren from shelling, and for a time, smelled of the aftermath of battle...
Return Of The Few
by Robert Taylor
What do Johnnie Johnston, the Allies’ top-scoring fighter Ace, Al Deere, top-scoring New Zealand Ace and pilot of the first Spitfire to engage an Me109 in combat; Peter Townsend, the popular Battle of Britain Squadron Commander, and Bob Stanford-Tuck, one...
Gunfight Over Rabaul
by Nicolas Trudgian
Nicolas Trudgian’s action packed painting shows an attack on Rabaul during the fall of 1943. B-24 Liberators of the Army Air Force pound the harbor and docks below whilst the Marines Corps pilots of VMF 214 – the famous Black...
Valor In The Pacific
by Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor has painted a magnificent reconstruction of a mission during the final stages of that momentous conflict. Depicted are B-29s of the 499th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing of the 20th Air Force. After a daylight raid on Tokyo, showing...
Open Assault
by Robert Taylor
The Junkers Ju87 Sturzkampfbomber, known to the British simply as the Stuka, had already acquired a deadly reputation across Europe, its siren screaming as the ungainly dive-bomber struck terror into the hearts of those below. In 1940 its pilots crossed...
Advance Into Europe
by Nicolas Trudgian
The northern European nights are short in mid-summer, the sky to the east showing the first pale shades of dawn even before 3:00 a.m. On a normal June morning the pilots of Hub Zemke's 56th Fighter Group would have slumbered...
Hellcat Fury
by Robert Taylor
Truk, the small atoll in the South Pacific, was the major anchorage for the Japanese Fleet. Comprising a magnificent harbor and four heavily defended airfields, it was thought impregnable by the US forces as they fought their way up through...
Zero Encounter
by Robert Taylor
A Japanese Zero condenses the air off its wing tips as its pilot hauls his fighter inside a Marine F4F Wildcat's determined attack.  The two adversaries cavort the air in a desperate duel high over the island of Guadalcanal.  The...
Homeward Bound
by Anthony Saunders
Summer 1940: It’s been another rough day for the seasoned pilots of JG-26 Schlageter. Once again they have flown out of their base at Abbeville in northern France to escort the massed bombers of the Luftwaffe against the RAF’s fighter...
Homeward Bound
by Philip E West
Struggling for height as she crosses the South coast of England, a damaged B-17 of the 91st Bomb Group heads home to Bassingbourne. With its bomb doors jammed open, an engine feathered and streaming smoke, the battle scarred B-17 and...
The Storm Clouds Gather
by Nicolas Trudgian
Helmut Wick, the Luftwaffe's top-scoring ace of the Battle of Britain, leads Me109E's of I.JG2 ''Richthofen'' on a fighter escort mission, September 1940. Heinkel 111's of the Kampfgeschwadern mass for another raid on England, while below a Blenheim of No.2...
In Defence Of Darwin
by Norman Clifford
The date is 17 August, 1943, time 4.30pm and the crew of the Japanese Ki-46II "Dinah" had failed in their mission to photograph Darwin Harbour in Northern Australia. Flying the Spitfire Vc (Tropical) is Australia's leading WWII fighter pilot Clive...
Tangmere Hurricanes
by Nicolas Trudgian
Mk1 Hurricanes of 601 Squadron, refueled and rearmed, climb to rejoin the battle during the summer of 1940. Below, life goes on as a Southern Railway Train pulls out of a local village station. The Signatures In addition to the...
Steinhoff Tribute
by Robert Taylor
Macky Steinhoff in action over the White Cliffs of Dover. It is August, and the height of the Battle of Britain: Heinkel 111 bombers have attacked airfields and radar stations along the south coast, and a frantic dog-fight has developed...
Messerschmitt Country
by Nicolas Trudgian
Nobody, least of all Allied aircrew, ever doubted the tenacity of the Luftwaffe, more particularly that of the German fighter pilots. From the early encounters during the Battle of Britain to the great air battles in defense of their homeland...
Only One Survived
by Craig Kodera
World War II's Battle of Midway was the turning point of the war in the Pacific, leading to eventual Allied victory. At the very start of that fateful conflict came this ominous confrontation. At 7:00 a.m. on June 4, 1942,...
Mission Beyond Darkness
by Robert Taylor
One of the most remarkable missions during the naval air war in the Pacific. Following the attack against Admiral Ozawa’s Japanese carrier fleet on June 20, 1944, Admiral Mitscher defies all rules of naval engagement: In total darkness, with the...
The Legend Of Colin Kelly
by Robert Taylor
In the dark days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, American forces fought back against an overwhelming Japanese onslaught, with obsolete aircraft and equipment. With minimal resources and no hope of reinforcement, they fought a desperate, losing battle, hoping...
First Of Many
by Robert Taylor
Just after 7am on the morning of 11 July 1940, the phone rang in the dispersal hut of 242 Squadron. “Bandit approaching Cromer. Can you get a section off?” The new squadron commander, Douglas Bader, peered into the driving rain....
A Time for Heroes
by Robert Taylor
In this masterful painting, Robert Taylor pays tribute to the WWII fighter aircrews of the RAF and Fleet Air Arm. A panoramic scene from the era of the Battle of Britain shows Mk I Spitfires of 234 Squadron, 10 Group's...
The Biggin Hill Wing
by Nicolas Trudgian
On an early misty morning, the legendary South African fighter pilot Adolph Gysbert ‘Sailor’ Malan, leads the Biggin Hill Wing Spitfire V’s of 74, 92 and 609 Squadrons out over the Kent countryside, on another sweep across the English Channel...
Tally Ho
by Robert Taylor
“During this time I led 92 on sixty-odd operations and the squadron achieved the highest success rate of any Squadron in the Battle of Britain. After Dunkirk we’d moved to South Wales, partly for a rest and partly to look...
Glorious Summer
by Robert Taylor
Throughout the long hot summer of 1940 the destiny of the British Isles, indeed the future of Europe, laid in the hands of a small band of young RAF fighter pilots. Against them stood the vast aerial fleets of an...
Two Zeros For Barbara Ann
by Roy Grinnell
P-38 Ace George Chandler (339th FS) shoots down an incredible two Zeros on November 8, 1943, Empress Augusta Bay. "Barbara Ann" was the nose art on the P-38 named after George Chandler's sweetheart who later became his wife. In 1950,...
The Black Sheep
by Nicolas Trudgian
Major Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington's 'Black Sheep', the Marine Corsairs of VMF-214, taxi out for another mission from Vella Lavella, December 1943, escorting a B24 raid on the Japanese fortress at Rabaul. Action is guaranteed, and the intensity of aerial fighting...
The Jolly Rogers
by Nicolas Trudgian
With its macabre skull and crossbones insignia, and a reputation for total distain of authority, VF-17 arrived in the Pacific with a variety of nicknames ranging from the Irregulars to the Cast-Offs. But under the dynamic leadership of their Squadron...
Typhoon Attack
by Robert Taylor
That the Typhoon developed from an unreliable fighter that never lived up to expectations into the RAF’s most devastating ground-attack aircraft of World War II was due to one man – Battle of Britain veteran and famous Test Pilot ‘Bee’...
First Light Spitfire
by Philip West
Another busy start to the day at Biggin Hill in the summer of 1940. The Battle of Britain is at its height and 92 Squadron Spitfires with Geoffrey Wellum in ‘G’ for George, depart under early morning sunlight to engage...
The Fly Past
by Robin Smith
Sitting resplendent in the evening sunset, the Hawker Hurricane rests between sorties. Almost like a wild animal in its natural habitat it waites patiently to get another bite of the cherry. Few people realise in fact that the Hurricane shot...
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