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D Day The Airborne Assault
by Robert Taylor
This superb three print set which includes the companion prints INTO BATTLE and CRASH LANDING, was issued in June 1994 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of D-Day and was hailed by veterans as one of the most realistic portrayals of...
Dawn the World Forever Changed
by William S. Phillips
At 3 PM, on August 4, 1945, Colonel Paul Tibbets began briefing the crew of the B-29 named Enola Gay. In the early morning hours of August 5, the crew made its final preparations. At midnight there was a final...
by Robert Taylor
With the traditional battle cry Horrido! ringing in their ears, Squadron Commander Hptm Wolfgang Ewald leads pilots of I./JG52 into combat. Based at Coquelles/Calais in September 1940, the JG-52 Me109s hurtle down in a high-speed dive to engage the enemy...
Fight For The Sky
by Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor's wonderfully realistic painting captures the very essence of that epic battle. A Heinkel III has been brought down, one of many never to make it home on this bright and sunny day. As the Luftwaffe bomber's crew emerge...
Aces On The Western Front
by Robert Taylor
The ancient Norman monastery on Mont St. Michel provides the majestic backdrop as a group of Me109s race across the coast returning to their forward base in northern France after a fighter sweep across the English Channel in early 1941....
Eagles Over The Rhine
by Robert Taylor
The arrival of the USAAF in Europe in 1942 was a turning point in WWII. One of the aircraft that came to symbolise the accomplishments of the men and machines of the American Air Forces during this time was the...
Eagles Out Of The Sun
by Robert Taylor
All the great Luftwaffe Aces flew the Me109. Most achieved their phenomenal aerial successes in this supreme little fighter, and it is this beautiful aircraft that Robert Taylor has chosen for this painting to pay respect to this unique band...
Dambusters – The Impossible Mission
by Robert Taylor
“Dinghy” Young releases his hydrostatically-triggered, cylindrical bouncing bomb at precisely 60ft and 230mph as he approaches the Mőhne Dam. It was a direct hit. The dam has but moments to live. Robert Taylor has once again chosen to depict one...
Victory Flyover
by Robert Taylor
On Sunday September 2, 1945, the formal surrender document was signed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay. At 9.25 a.m., with General Douglas MacArthur, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and Admirals Halsey and Sherman presiding, the Instrument of Surrender was...
Black Sheep at Munda
by Jim Laurier
On Sept 7, 1943,VMF-214 officially began it's first combat tour at Munda, on the island of New Georgia (shown above). Munda was an inhospitable place- hot, humid, barren from shelling, and for a time, smelled of the aftermath of battle...
Desert Hawks
by Robert Taylor
A flight of Kittyhawks of No. 3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force on a strike mission over the North African Desert in January 1942, in the build-p to the Battle of Alamein. No. 3 Squadron RAAF was the first in...
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