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Coastal Conflict <br> by Robert Bailey
Coastal Conflict <br> by Robert Bailey

Coastal Conflict
by Robert Bailey


In the annals of air combat history, stretching from WWI to WWII, no definitive sacrifice and hardship is clearer than that of the Polish and Czech airmen who served in air forces of other countries. Displaced by the German juggernaut that rolled firstly through eastern and then western Europe at the out-break of the second world war, they rallied against the invaders by fighting with France. When France fell, they joined the last island of freedom by serving with the RAF in Britain. From 1940 until the Americans showed up in force to join in the fight in 1942, the outcome for liberty and national existence hung in the balance, defended only in the air by these few. It became a daily slug-fest, pitting themselves against a seasoned adversary.

Their history of heroism and fighting tenacity is legendary. Formed into squadrons, they served honourably and contributed to the final victory over an equally tenacious and battle-hardened Luftwaffe. The old adage of 'all gave some, some gave all,' befits their fighting spirit and supported the impressive final victory in Europe. These valiant men would suffer personally and at great hardship for decades. After the war they were denied the rewards of participating in the liberation of millions, as their country fell under the regime of communist oppressive policies. Their association with the West during the war made them suspect, with many dying from performing menial tasks or from imprisonment after long years in mines or gulags. This does not diminish their record of service, but rather enhances it that much more, fulfilling their duty and honour to their country in a time of need. Their perseverance serves as a shining example to their countrymen today.

In Robert Bailey's combat masterpiece, a Czech Spitfire unit of the RAF is seen locked in combat over Cherbourg, France, in June of 1942. Initially assigned to escort Boston bombers to a French target, they engage in a melee with attacking German Fw-190s over the coast. In addition to the German fighters, the Czech squadron has to worry about erupting defensive fire from ships and ground defences.

The Signatures

In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by one of America's most distinguished groups of great fighter aces:

  • Colonel HUB ZEMKE
  • Colonel PAUL CONGER
  • Major General DONALD STRAIT











SIZE (Ex Frame)

31" x 22"


Certificate of Authenticity

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