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Maximum Effort<br> by Philip West
Maximum Effort<br> by Philip West

Maximum Effort
by Philip West


Maximum Effort  – Based at Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire from June 1943, 101 Squadron was selected to test new equipment designed to jam the VHF frequencies used by German fighter controllers. A system, code-named “Airborne Cigar” or ABC for short, was operated by an eighth crew member – the Special Operator on board the Lancaster bomber who could understand German and listen into the German controller’s transmissions, jamming them before they alerted their night fighters to the position of the bombers. ABC soon proved its worth and from October 1943, 101 Sqn. ABC aircraft flew with all Bomber Command main force attacks, consequently 101 Squadron suffered higher losses than other 1 Group Squadrons. In an attempt to reduce the losses the Squadron was the first to be fitted with twin 0.5 browning machine guns in the rear turret. Only a handful of airfields were equipped with a fog dispersal system known as F.I.D.O. The fact that Ludford Magna was one of the chosen few is a measure of the importance attached to 101 Squadron. 


The Signatures

In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by

Sqd Sergeant Idris (Taff) Arndell

Sqd Flying Officer Ken Brookin

Sqd Flt. Lt. Len Hampton

Sqd Flt. Lt. Ronald Homes DFC

Sqd Sqn. Ldr. Tony (Charlie) Neve M.B.E.

Sqd Sergeant John Rees

Sqd Flt. Lt. Cyril Rogers D.F.C.

Sqd Sergeant James W. Rooke

Sqd Warrant Officer Douglas W.A. (Shorty) Satherley Sqd Sergeant Stan Waind (DFM)

Sqd Flt Lt Russell (Rusty) Waughman DFC












SIZE (Ex Frame)

28" x 20"

Certificate of Authenticity

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