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Night Hunters Of The Reich <br>by Nicolas Trudgian
Night Hunters Of The Reich <br>by Nicolas Trudgian

Night Hunters Of The Reich
by Nicolas Trudgian


The German High Command entered World War II with the notion that the war would be quickly won, and certainly without the need to fight at night. The RAF changed all that when Bomber Command, having suffered appalling lasses in daylight, turned to attacking under the cloak of darkness. By mid-1940 the Luftwaffe was forced to hurriedly form its first night-fighter wing utilizing the Messerschmitt Bf 110.Without specialized equipment, initially Luftwaffe pilots relied on visual acquisition, detecting enemy aircraft with the aid of searchlights. To combat intensifying RAF night attacks, new electronic methods of navigation and detection were developed, and by the end of 1942 the German night-fighter force had almost 400 aircraft contesting the night skies. Almost 1300 British aircraft were destroyed in that year alone.Nicolas Trudgian's atmospheric painting "Night Hunters of the Reich" depicts the Bf 110G-4 of 47-night pilot Oberleutnant Martin Drewes at dusk in March 1944, heading out to intercept in-bound British four-engine bombers over northwest Germany. Equipped with the latest FuG 220 and 218 radars, the experienced crew will lie in wait, carefully choose their prey, stalk and close for the kill. The deadly game of hide and seek is about to begin.Signed by:Oberst Wolfgang Falck "The Happy Falcon"At the outbreak of war Wolfgang Falck was Staffelkapitän of 8./JG-132 flying the Bf 110 Zerstorer in the Polish Campaign. In February 1940 he became Kommandeur 1./ZG1 and led it during the Western campaign. From June 1940 Falck was appointed Kommodore NJG1, the largest Geschwader in the Luftwaffe. During this time the greatest Luftwaffe night Aces were under his command. In July 1943 he joined the staff of Luftflotte Reich where he was responsible for the day and night fighter defense of the Reich. In the autumn of 1944 he was made Fighter Leader in the Balkans, and later became head of staff for flying training. Wolfgang Falck flew 90 operations and was awarded the Knight's Cross.

The Signatures

In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by one of America's most distinguished groups of great fighter aces:

  • Colonel HUB ZEMKE
  • Colonel PAUL CONGER
  • Major General DONALD STRAIT











SIZE (Ex Frame)

23" x 19"



Certificate of Authenticity

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