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Strike And Strike Again <br>by Robert Taylor
Strike And Strike Again <br>by Robert Taylor

Strike And Strike Again
by Robert Taylor


By the spring of 1945, Germany's once all-conquering submarine fleet, driven by allied forces from its bases in western France, had fled to the relative safety of the Norwegian fjords; territory still remaining under German occupation since 1940. In one of Hitler's last stands, more than 100 U-Boats, merchant freighters, flakships, and other military vessels were gathered in the narrow fjords, laying up by day and sailing undercover of darkness. They were a menace that had to be dealt with.

Tasked with the difficult job of eliminating this force were the Beaufighters and Mosquitos of RAF Coastal Command's Strike Wings based in Scotland. "Our job was to go after this shipping and sink it" recalled Wing Commander Colin Milson, C.O. of No 455's Beaufighters. The fjords were often just 200-300 yards across with cliffs rising vertically up 2000 feet, the deep water allowing the German shipping to get in beneath these high and overhanging cliffs. This made for difficult and dangerous flying, exacerbated by the heavy flak and machine gun fire that always welcomed us".

Piloting the twin engine Beaufighter through the narrow fjords, hugging the cliff face at close to 300 mph and, with every enemy gun that could be brought to bear throwing up a wall of lead, these frightening shipping strikes were not for the faint hearted.

Robert Taylor's gripping new painting conveys the awesome task faced by the Australian, British, Canadian, and New Zealand aircrews, as Beaufighters of No 455 Squadron RAAF from the Dallachy Commonwealth Strike Wing (144 RAF, 404 RCAF, 455 RAAF, 489 RNZAF) skim the rugged rock face, exiting the target after a successful rocket attack on shipping deep in a Norwegian fjord. It is the spring of 1945. Throughout the last weeks of World War II the aircrews of 455 Squadron continued to pound the elusive enemy with inordinate courage and determination, upholding their squadron motto "Strike and Strike Again". A compelling image by the master artist.

The Signatures

In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by:

  • Flying Officer HAROLD CORBIN CGM
  • Warrant Officer LES DOUGHTY DFM
  • Flight Lieutenant HERBERT 'BERT' GRAHAM
  • Flying Officer JOHN C. AYLIFFE DFC
  • Flying Officer IVOR M. GORDON DFC
  • Flight Lieutenant JACK MACDONALD EM
  • Flying Officer DONALD A. MITCHELL
  • Flying Officer IAN A.F. MURRAY
  • Group Captain ERNEST F. 'BLUE' BERNAU
  • Lieutenant Commander WILLIAM G. HERBERT
  • Group Captain WILLIAM F.A. WALDOCK











SIZE (Ex Frame)

23" x 34"



Certificate of Authenticity

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