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First Of Many
by Robert Taylor
Just after 7am on the morning of 11 July 1940, the phone rang in the dispersal hut of 242 Squadron. “Bandit approaching Cromer. Can you get a section off?” The new squadron commander, Douglas Bader, peered into the driving rain....
Flug zum Absprungplatz
by Mark Postlethwaite
This aviation art print by Mark Postlethwaite depicts Junkers 188s of I/KG6 transiting from Chievres, Belgium to Münster-Handorf before their night bombing raid on London, 15th October 1943. Five Ju-188s took off headed for London that night but only two...
Fortress Alone
by Jay Ashurst
Among the thousands of American aviators who launched from England on February 20, 1944, the first day of historic "Big Week," was William Lawley. Lawley was a quiet southerner from Leeds, Alabama. Flying a newly painted B-17 as a member...
Fortress Under Attack
by Robert taylor
22nd Bomb group B17s under attack by Mitsubishi Zero fighters over Rebaul November 1942. The Signatures Adding great authenticity, this powerful print has been signed by the artist and: Master Sgt. Red Erwin Lt Col. Jay Zeamer EDITION LIMITED EDITION...
Fourth Fighter Patrol
by Robert Taylor
Climbing on full power, P-51 Mustangs of the Fourth Fighter Group patrol the skies over northern France ahead of the main force of Eighth Air Force bombers, 1944. WWII’s most successful offensive fighter aircraft, the P-51 Mustang, is majestically portrayed...
From Dusk Till Dawn
by Nicolas Trudgian
Bristol Blenheims of 219 Squadron based at Catterick with 13 group head out on a night fighter patrol to protect the east coast in August 1940. The Signatures In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by: Flight...
Front Line Hurricanes
by Robert Taylor
Based at a temporary formed airfield at Lille Marc, Hurricanes of No. 87 Squadron – showing the strains of battle – taxi in from a skirmish during heavy fighting in the Battle of France, May 1940. Flying from ill-prepared grass...
Fury Of Assault
by Robert Taylor
When Luftwaffe bombers first appeared in force in the night skies over London in September 1940 they heralded the beginning of The Blitz - the most sustained period of concentrated bombing aimed at British cities during WWII. Robert Taylor’s evocative...
Glorious Summer
by Robert Taylor
Throughout the long hot summer of 1940 the destiny of the British Isles, indeed the future of Europe, laid in the hands of a small band of young RAF fighter pilots. Against them stood the vast aerial fleets of an...
Greycap Leader
by Robert Taylor
Operating from an ex-Luftwaffe base at Culot in Belgium, the Johnnie Johnson Canadian Wing were in combat most days the weather permitted. The Luftwaffe had staged a remarkable recovery after its Normandy defeat and by September 1944 was at operating...
Guardians Of The Atlantic Wall
by John Young
A flight of Luftwaffe FW-190 Wolves sweep along the French coast seeking evidence of any incoming threat from across the channel, or even a chance of engagement. FW190-A5s from 9/JG2, the "Richthofen Jagdgeschwader" patrol the beach at Normandy's Mont St....
Gunfight Over Rabaul
by Nicolas Trudgian
Nicolas Trudgian’s action packed painting shows an attack on Rabaul during the fall of 1943. B-24 Liberators of the Army Air Force pound the harbor and docks below whilst the Marines Corps pilots of VMF 214 – the famous Black...
Heading For The Convoys
by Stephen Brown
RAF Catalinas of 210 Squadron over the West Coast of Scotland in 1944. The Consolidated Catalina PBY-5 proved invaluable to the RAF in its efforts to defend vital convoys from the threat of enemy submarines, particularly during the Battle of...
Height Of The Battle
by Robert Taylor
By mid-afternoon on Wednesday 11th September, 1940 German bomber formations were plotted flying up the Thames Estuary towards London. To deal with the imminent raid Fighter Command scrambled nine squadrons to make the intercept. As the Luftwaffe bombers approached the...
Hellcat Fury
by Robert Taylor
Truk, the small atoll in the South Pacific, was the major anchorage for the Japanese Fleet. Comprising a magnificent harbor and four heavily defended airfields, it was thought impregnable by the US forces as they fought their way up through...
High Cost
by Robert Taylor
"The crews of Bomber Command faced one of the most daunting tasks, calling for courage sustained night after night, in conditions of desperate danger and discomfort. They did not fail us and 55,573 paid the supreme sacrifice." - H.R.H. The...
High Summer
by Anthony Saunders
Spitfires from 92 Squadron as they successfully engage Me109's over the harvested fields of southern England, in August 1940. The Signatures In addition to the artist this print was individually signed by: Flt. Lt. Robin Appleford Flt. Lt. Trevor Gray....
High Tide Of Summer
by Jim Laurier
At the end of World War II, Gunther Rall had 275 victories and was Kommodore of JG300. He was the 2nd pilot in history to reach 250 and all came in the Me 109. He is the third highest-scoring ace...
Home Run
by Gerald Coulson
It is June 1944 and, as dawn begins to break over East Anglia, Mosquito B Mk XVI bombers of the Light Night Striking Force return from a raid over Berlin. The sun is just beginning to rise and the peaceful...
Homeward Bound
by Anthony Saunders
Summer 1940: It’s been another rough day for the seasoned pilots of JG-26 Schlageter. Once again they have flown out of their base at Abbeville in northern France to escort the massed bombers of the Luftwaffe against the RAF’s fighter...
Homeward Bound
by Philip E West
Struggling for height as she crosses the South coast of England, a damaged B-17 of the 91st Bomb Group heads home to Bassingbourne. With its bomb doors jammed open, an engine feathered and streaming smoke, the battle scarred B-17 and...
by Robert Taylor
With the traditional battle cry Horrido! ringing in their ears, Squadron Commander Hptm Wolfgang Ewald leads pilots of I./JG52 into combat. Based at Coquelles/Calais in September 1940, the JG-52 Me109s hurtle down in a high-speed dive to engage the enemy...
Hostile Sky
The second Limited Edition in Robert Taylor's Protagonists Series, featuring P-38 Lightnings in combat with Fw190s high over Belgium, 1944. A B-24 has been hit and is losing touch with the main bomber formation, as Luftwaffe pilots concentrated their attentions...
Hurricane Force
by Robert Taylor
Hurricanes of No.257 Squadron attack a large force of Heinkel 111 and Dornier 17 bombers at 12,000 feet over London on 15th September 1940, during the climax of the Battle of Britain. Released as a three print series to commemorate...
Hurricanes from Kenley
by Michael Turner
A flight of 253 Squadron Hurricanes taking off from Kenley in August 1940, led by Sqn.Ldr. Tom Gleave. The Signatures Each print has been signed by the artist along with three signatures of Battle of Britain pilots who flew Hurricanes...
In Defence Of Darwin
by Norman Clifford
The date is 17 August, 1943, time 4.30pm and the crew of the Japanese Ki-46II "Dinah" had failed in their mission to photograph Darwin Harbour in Northern Australia. Flying the Spitfire Vc (Tropical) is Australia's leading WWII fighter pilot Clive...
In Defense Of The Reich
by Nicolas Trudgian
Adolf Galland scrambles a flight of Me262 jets to meet an in-coming USAAF heavy bomber raid, during the final stages of the Battle for Germany. The legend of Willie Messerschmitts Me262, and the elite fighter Aces who piloted this revolutionary...
Ivan N Kozhedubs Lavochkin La 7 Iv
by Jerry Crandall
Depicts the highest scoring Soviet and Allied Ace of WWII, Ivan Kozhedub during an aerial battle on 19 February 1945 when he downed a Me-262 jet north of Frankfurt, Germany. With 62 confirmed victories he was awarded the Hero of...
Kursk Clash Of Steel
by Nicolas Trudgian
The Germans launched their attack on the Kursk salient on 5th July 1943, and for both sides this was maximum effort. The Soviets, however, informed by intelligence of the impending German attack, had ample time to prepare huge defensive works...
Leiston Legends
by Jim Laurier
January 14, 1945 was a big day for the 357th Fighter Group. It was also going to be a memorable day for two 357th pilots in particular - Bud Anderson and Chuck Yeager. It was their last mission, having reached...
Lightning Over Leyte
by Mike Machat
Lt. John Voll completed flying training in January 1944 and was assigned to the 31st Fighter Group, then stationed in Italy. This war-hardened unit began operations during "Torch," the invasion of North Africa, and continued to operate in the Mediterranean...
Lindberghs Secret
by Domenic Denardo
Charles Lindbergh as he secretly flies the P-38 Lightning on combat missions with the 475th Fighter Group. Lindbergh flew with the 475th from June 27th to August 13th, 1944 until he was sent to Owi Island to help Joe Foss...
Loire Rendevous Lysander
by Philip West
Lysanders of 161 Special Operations Squadron turn onto their final course to a clandestine landing field somewhere in central occupied France during a full moon period in 1943. Based at Tempsford, Bedfordshire and often operating from Tangmere to shorten the...
Lone Hunter
by Nicolas Trudgian.
Wing Commander guides his Mosquito on another mission. The Signatures Each print has been signed by the artist and: Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO* DFC* EDITION LIMITED EDITION SIZE 150 PRINT NUMBER 27 CONDITION EXCELLENT MEDIA LITHOGRAPH SIZE (Ex Frame)...
Lonely Flight To Destiny
by Craig Kodera
"'Bock's Car' took off at 3:45 in the morning in pitch black and returned to base at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was basically hazy mid-morning when they were over their target, so the only really good time to picture...
Major Krupinski Knights Cross
by Janice Keck
One black and white limited edition lithograph signed by artist, Janice Keck, and by subject, Major Walter Krupinski. Lithograph is in very good condition and does not have apparent crease marks. The Signatures In addition to the artist this print...
Malta George Cross
by Robert Taylor
Pilot Officer John Bisley of 126 Squadron in combat with Me 109s from JG-53 during one of the intense aerial air battles over Valetta in April 1942. Between the summer of 1940 and the end of 1942, Malta became one...
Maximum Effort
by Philip West
Maximum Effort  – Based at Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire from June 1943, 101 Squadron was selected to test new equipment designed to jam the VHF frequencies used by German fighter controllers. A system, code-named “Airborne Cigar” or ABC for short, was operated by an eighth...
Messerschmitt Country
by Nicolas Trudgian
Nobody, least of all Allied aircrew, ever doubted the tenacity of the Luftwaffe, more particularly that of the German fighter pilots. From the early encounters during the Battle of Britain to the great air battles in defense of their homeland...
Midway Strike Against The Akagi
by Robert Taylor
We think this is one of the finest action portrayals of an SBD Dauntless dive-bomber ever published; with perforated dive flaps fully extended, you can almost feel the redoubtable Dauntless shuddering as it hurtles down almost vertically upon the already...
Milne Bay The Turning Point by Robert Taylor
The Battle for Milne Bay in New Guinea was a story of true grit, determination, and valour; it was the moment when the Imperial Japanese Army tasted defeat on land for the first time in nearly three centuries. 75 Sqn...
Mission Beyond Darkness
by Robert Taylor
One of the most remarkable missions during the naval air war in the Pacific. Following the attack against Admiral Ozawa’s Japanese carrier fleet on June 20, 1944, Admiral Mitscher defies all rules of naval engagement: In total darkness, with the...
Moonlight Hunter
by Nicolas Trudgian
As the air war raged over Berlin and other German cities, night-fighter units such as NJG-100, the original Eastern Front night fighter Geschwader, were redeployed nearer home in the final desperate defense of Germany. By late 1944 the Luftwaffe's night...
Moonlight Strike
by Robert Bailey
A de Havilland Mosquito of 264 Squadron RAF, attacks a Focke Wulf 190 in the dead of night, 1943. The Signatures Adding great authenticity, this powerful print has been signed by four veterans who flew Mosquitos during WWII: Flight Lieutenant...
by Robert Taylor
A superb study of a de Havilland Mosquito, paying tribute to Leonard Cheshire VC who was one of the most outstanding RAF Bomber Pilots. He devised the 'master bomber' technique - flying low over the target marking with flares, allowing...
Mosquito Attack
by Philip West
On 31st October 1944, a courageous low level attack was undertaken by RAF Mosquitos of Nos. 21, 464 and 487 Squadrons on the Aarhus University, Denmark, which housed the Gestapo HQ for the whole of Jutland. The raid proved to...
Mosquitos At Dusk
by Nicholas Trudgian
Mosquitos at Dusk, conveys in an instant all the attributes of this outstanding attack aircraft. With their twin Merlins singing at full power, Mk FBV1 Mosquitos of 464 Squadron RAAF present a menacing picture as they set out on a...
Mountain Wolf
by Nicolas Trudgian
Hptm. Waldermar Wubke of JV44 prepares to scramble 'Red Three' at Ainring Airfield, May 1945. Tasked to protect Adolf Galland's Me262s during their vulnerable take-off and landngs at nearby Saltzburg airfield, these colourful Fw190D-9s were a thorn in the side...
Mustang Mayhem
by Nicolas Trudgian
A limited edition featuring the P-51 Mustangs of the 4th Fighter Group in action over Gablingen airfield, Bavari, 1945. As “Red Dog” Norley’s P-51D screams across the field at hangar height with his squadron’s Mustangs fanned out behind him, the...
Mustangs On The Prowl
by Robert Taylor
Between 3 and 13 September 1944, the 55th Fighter Group flew eight arduous, highly successful, bomber escort missions to Germany for which the group received a Distinguished Unit Citation. Like those the group had flown before, and would fly again...
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